The first Commercial full personal genome and SNP information service in Asia launched by Theragen Inc. in Korea

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Dec. 30th 2009.

Theragen Inc. in Korea launched full genome and SNP based personal genome project, GenomeCare Project. 

The company is the first in Asia to commercialize the full genome and SNP based personal genome information service.

HelloGene: SNP chip based personal gene information service
HelloGenome: Full genome based sequencing and information service

The Genome Care Project was launched by Theragen BiO Institute led (Director, Jong Bhak).

The price for the full personal genome service (Gold) is $200,000 USD. A standard version (Silver) is $150,000 USD.
The price for a full personal SNP genome typing service (Premium) is $2000 USD. A standard version is $1000 USD.

This service is the first commercial personal genome service in Asia.

The Theragen BiO Institute (BiO institute) has analyzed the first personal Korean genome in Dec. 2008. The BiO institute researchers also participated in PASNP project that used 73 Asian ethnic groups using Affy 50K gene chips. The results of the first Korean genome (Dr. Kim Seong-Jin's) was published in May 2009 in Genome Research.
The result of the PASNP consortium was published in Science magazine in Dec. 2009.

The GenomeCare project is to map all the Asian ethnic groups for personalized medicine.
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