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What is next for genomics in your area of expertise?


1. Very very long read sequencing changing the life time of

any reference genomes and finding all the variations in life (SVs, CNvs)

and we will have to redo a lot of de novo assemblies.


What is a new, exciting direction for genomics more generally?


2. The new direction of genomics is: democritization of genomics information

in that it becomes a normal biomedical service. Genomics England is not

providing a common genomics medicine service. It is a standard (as UK is

a socialist country mostly).


Where do you see genomics being applied in the future?


3.  Genomics will be everywhere. We will have sequencers in our fridges,

airconditioners, cars, restaurants, ponds, climate posts, bathrooms, hospitals, etc etc.

People will see genomics computers or clouds that sense DNA of the whole

Earth in real time at some point (we already know what kind of flu viruses

will be prevalant next year and will know where they actually will be)


What obstacles need to be overcome?


4. Regulations: The obstables of genomics is in terms of sagging efficiency is that

people's fear and prejudice against it like fear against GMO's and nuclear

reactors. It is not specific to genomics but general to science and innovation

anyway. Science communications will be a key. However, on the otherhand,

SNS style spread of genomics in the public will accelerate it so much,

we might not need professional mediators so much.



Genomics or genomics era has a very special meaning in the universe.

The history of the universe is divided into two phases 1) before genome sequencing

and 2) after genome sequencing.


Knowing its own complete code, understanding and manipulating themselves

is the ultimate evolutionary milestone in 14 billion years of evolution of things.


Manipulating(or editing with more positive feels) the whole genomes will bring

a completely different view of life.


I predict that Darwinian evolution will be heavily modified or even rejected

to a certain degree through genomic 'reading' and 'writing' of life.


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