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Signed Names

  • Giovanni Dall'Olio You can already find genome sequence at ncbi and ucsc, but it is good to remark that personal genomics sequences should be kept freely available in the future when it will be possible to sequence them for less than 1000 USD.
  • Abhishek Pratap  . I feel with so many funded projects , we should encourage the people to get their genome sequenced and government should encourage the same. However I realize that the same is not possible for every individual. Companies could come forward and make this a reality publishing each genome they sequence online for the community to make use of the important data.
  • Jong Bhak:  genome information should be free to get, free to be shared and free to be applied.
  • namcheol kim:   I will do my best.
  • Seungwoo Hwang: I sign for petition. However I think a proper way of making a petition is something more professional as shown in Just my two cents. (Thanks for the site! - Jong)
  • Ho Ghang: This is another big challenge. 
  • Tae Hyung Kim: I want to discover my ancestry and explore my genetics information. 
  • Dan Bolser: | This is a great idea. I would probably pay at least $1000 for my genome, but how would I analyze it? Sharing genomes is the perfect solution to this problem. The community of genom-ites (?)  can collaborate on analysis!
  • Chul Hong Kim: | Still many parts of genome remains as New World.  All peoples in the earth have the right to explore new world without any cost to find any meaning.  It is time to understand human orgin, genesis, aging, and deat.
  • Sungsam Gong:
  • Chang Bum Hong: I want it.

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