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$0 Genomics Project for genomic equality
(aka: Free Genomics Project) 

$0 Genomics project is a project launched by Genomics.org. - Jong Bhak

Free Genomics Project is a "world project". We aim to make all the governments, biocompanies, and institutes to partcipate in this to make all the human genome information free. 

It is to collect personal genome information for free and distribute genomics information free of charge. 
It is a zero-cost genomics project.

Governments and companies can pay for the genotyping cost and people let the world access the personal genome information without any restriction. 

All the $0 geonmics participants get all the personal genomics information for free from Genomics.org.

There are people who have published personal genomic information. 
If you have your own genome information acquired by full genome sequencing, SNP chips and other genome chips, you can provide the information to genomics.org. 

It is an openfree BiO project.

Why $0 genomics project?

Genomic equality

Genome information should be free for all and the benefit of free genomics should be shared by people with little money and access to information.

Faster technology development
If most of the governments in the world collaborate and support free genome sequencing, biocompanies will get huge benefits and they can accelerate the tech. dev.

How does it work?

The first step:
1. Please click here and sign your name to petition the governments of the world to sequence genomes free of charge
   - Your signatures will help people understand the importance of genomic equality philosophically, socially, and financially.
   - We can persuade governments, UN, large companies, and trusts to perform genomics project as the world community project.
   - Openletter to the world for genomic equality
   - If we have a global participation from the early stage of personal genomics, we can discuss ethical and equality issues from the beginning.

The second step:
2. Mapping the population stratification with government and company funds for free genotyping throughout the world
   - Equal opportunities are given to people throughout the world regardless of racial, financial, and political backgrounds.
   - Human beings help to other human beings in understanding the whole Homo sapiens with equal contribution and feeling of sharing.

The third step:
3. Pinpointing persons who represent in the population clusters and genotype them for their families and groups
   - This way, we make sure that the free genome project evenly genotype populations throughout the world.
   - Comparing 7 billion human genomes with computers without sequencing 7 billion humans.

List of Companies that we target for contribution
Pfizer  Merck  23andme.com  Decodeme.com

Who do the $0 Genomics project?
You, us, and the future generations

External Links
$0 personal genomics home site is: http://personalgenome.net

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